Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War Wiki

Update - February 12th, 2018[]


  • Added quest victory reports.
  • Added patch notes screen.
  • Added credits screen.
  • Added new setting: Audio/EnvironmentalProcessing.
  • Added last pieces of missing flavor text.
  • Added floating messages for exploration rewards.
  • Added new tips and overhauled existing tips, improving triggers and text.
  • Added named player colors.


  • Improved audio streaming performance.
  • Improved weapon effect system.
  • Improved the look of Imperial Ruins.
  • Improved unit cycling.
  • Improved game over notification.
  • Skyfire weapons now have -2 accuracy against ground targets instead of max 2 accuracy.
  • Skyfire weapons now have +2 accuracy against flyers and skimmers.
  • Heavy weapons now have -2 accuracy after moving instead of max 2 accuracy.
  • Units can now enter a tile as long as they have any movement remaining.
  • Changed all flyer movement to 6.
  • Super-Heavy units now have one less movement.
  • Changed Reaper ability of the Destroyer Lord to not consume action and movement but only provide +3 instead of +6 accuracy/armor.
  • Increased morale gain radius for Summary Execution from 1 to 2.
  • Changed rock models to align with the ground.
  • Tweaked the world generator.
  • Neutral units now gain a full tier of technological upgrades every 15 turns, matching player unit strength over time better.
  • Setting an audio volume to 0 now disables sounds of that group.
  • Min and max attributes now show without plus sign.
  • Changed default player color.
  • Color upgrade traits and weapons blue.
  • Quest tweaks.
  • Language tweaks.


  • Fixed artefact items not counting as recovered artefacts.
  • Fixed Necron quests starting immediately after completion of the previous quest.
  • Fixed delay for regrouping units.
  • Fixed some issues with unit squads not regrouping after health changes.
  • Fixed Tankbusta Bomb crash.
  • Fixed population limit from units and loyalty from units counting multiple times when having multiple cities.
  • Fixed AI turn headline bar capturing mouse input.
  • Fixed enslaved units continuing the previous player's queued action.
  • Fixed Shard of Vaul only giving 3 requisitions, now correctly 9.
  • Fixed select target label not disappearing when canceling targetted action.
  • Fixed previous game's reports not disappearing when starting a new game.
  • Fixed scroll bars being out of place under certain conditions.
  • Fixed task asking to choose production when you cannot afford heroes.
  • Fixed modifiers with trait conditions being applied when the trait has not yet been unlocked.
  • Don't use incompatible version saves for main screen continue.
  • Don't allow interaction with buildings during AI turn.
  • Don't allow construction of Imperial Strongpoints on Wire Weed.
  • Quest fixes.
  • Minor other tweaks and fixes.

Wiki Notes[]

  • Version 0.7.0
  • Saved games from previous versions are not compatible with this version.