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This article covers Ork buildings.



Boss Tower
Headquarters building that generates resources.
Scrap Shedz
Building that constructs new buildings and increases population limit.


Powwa Gubbinz
Building that generates energy.
Squig Herdz
Building that harvests food.
Grotz Hutz
Building that increases population limit.
Weirdboyz Pole
Building that generates influence.
Fighting Pitz
Building that increases loyalty.
Diggaz and Smeltaz
Building that harvests ore.
Fink Tank
Building that generates research.

Unit production[]

Pile O' Dakka
Building that produces infantry and walkers as well as increases loyalty.
Kommando Kamp
Building that produces heroes as well as generates influence and increases loyalty.
Runtherd Groundz
Building that produces beasts as well as generates food and increases loyalty.
Mek Bitz Yard
Building that produces Meks and Mek Gunz as well as generates research.
Kult ov Speed
Building that produces wheeled vehicles and aircraft as well as generates influence.

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