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This article covers the Space Marine quest.

Chapter 1: Final Foundation[]

As Chapter Master, the arrival of an enormous Ork horde on your Chapter's homeworld was calamitous. But no-one ever said the Adeptus Astartes shirked a challenge. Yet, after months of fighting, the battle remained locked in a stalemate. You instructed the civilian Planetary Governor that Astra Militarum support was required -- clearing the green menace was a priority, whatever the blow to the Chapter's pride.

Barely had the guardsmen landed when a system-wide warp storm began, devastating the planet. Of your majestic fleet, a single Battle Barge in low orbit was the sole survivor. When the surface storms calmed, your surviving marines emerged into a ruined world. You are trapped on the planet's surface, cut off from the Imperium, and surrounded by Xenos species to boot. But you are the Emperor's own sons, the Space Marines, and you will not die easily, or in vain!

Stage 1[]

Your Chapter planned for every eventuality, so your fortress holds enough food and resources to survive decades of battle and siege -- but more complex devices, ammunition and wargear require the acquisition of rare resources. To stand a chance of defeating the Xenos menace, we need to secure the location of these key materials, so that Servitors and serfs can continuously extract them.

Stage 2[]

With the Fortress built, focus your energies on requisitioning the rare materials from the remaining population.


With our supply line secured, the Chapter is no longer striving merely to survive -- now we must explore this world and investigate the origin of these unusual warp storms.

Chapter 2: Whispers of Heresy[]

Your Librarians have been suffering endless torments since the storm started, and are now mostly incapacitated -- but your chief Librarian has pushed through the pain to stand before you. He reports, through gritted teeth, that the Librarians feel that something unholy accompanied the Astra Militarum here. It's something immensely, dangerously powerful, a void in the warp, and must be destroyed.

His suspicions are infectious. You order the detention of all Astra Militarum forces, but this soon gets out of hand, with your Marines executing Guardsmen on sight. This is not the Astartes way... but if ten thousand innocents must die to save the planet, then the Astartes are the Emperor's tool.

Stage 1[]

The Librarian believes that, with the construction of a specially-shielded Reclusiam, he and his Battle-Brothers can locate the source of the warp disturbance.

Stage 2[]

A large Astra Militarum formation has been located nearby, presumably having emerged from a secure bunker. The Librarian reports traces of contamination amongst them, which are distracting the Reclusiam brothers. Regrettably, we must purge them.

Stage 3[]

With the formation destroyed and the disturbing influence removed, the Reclusiam reports that they've identified other nearby locations where the warp is in disarray. The Librarian insists on visiting them for further study.


The Librarian communicates with his brothers in the Reclusiam to report that he's found something -- an ancient building that resonates with traces of the Xenos.

Chapter 3: Citadel of the Witch[]

Though the power the Librarian detected has vanished, he's found something else at its location -- an ancient Exodite building that apparently extends deep into the planet's core. As soon as he approaches, though, he has to fall back, in the face of a new menace -- Necrons, emerging from the depths.

The realisation that this is a Necron Tomb World sends dismay through the Fortress serfs, but we Astartes are implacable. Arrange a Strike Force to investigate the Exodite structure and cleanse the Necron threat.


Research and Activate "tactical, assault or devastator" "Dogma" for the first step.

Move the assault and tactical team to the 'vaul ruin', they all going to die, for second step.


You've eliminated the Necrons and explored the hidden depths of the planet. Your victory is interrupted when the Librarian returns, with dire news.

Chapter 4: The Emperor's Will[]

In the Exodite ruins, you have discovered an alien structure, dating back to the Old Ones, and it appears to extend throughout the planet. It acts as something like a prison, keeping the Necrons trapped beneath an eternal warpstorm, and triggers terrible surface devastation to deal with more significant threats. More importantly, the Necron we fought weren't the sentient enemies we've fought before -- but mindless beasts, scoured of intellect. We must discover more.

Stage 1[]

You cannot hope to understand this technology alone. Though it goes against all Guilliman's teachings, perhaps studying the Xenos on this planet would reveal some unique insights?

Stage 2[]

Your studies of the Xenos bears immediate reward. Tracking their strange technology has identified several positions of interest on the planet's surface.

Stage 3[]

Your scans have revealed even greater heresy -- a hidden Fortress of Redemption, occupied by Astra Militarum who won't respond to our messages. The Reclusiam brothers indicate some unknown corruption has seized the men's minds and suggest using bombardment from the Battle Barge to help destroy the fortress.

Stage 4[]

With the corrupted Guard destroyed, the Librarians feel it's finally safe to approach. Still, Chapter Tactics mandate the use of Drop Pods to enter the area and remove any remaining resistance.


The veterans bring in the Exodite device found in the ruins, under careful guard. It appears to be an ancient artefact, like many others that dot the planet, constructed of a material similar to the Cadian pylons. You order it sequestered in the heart of your Chapter's fortress, under close guard, while you ascertain its function. Only your Techmarines may approach it, under Librarian guard. Weeks go by...

Chapter 5: Litany of Devotion[]

The Techmarines make their report, impassive. The device is... terrifying. Its destructive power is akin to the Exterminatus action -- but this is usually carried out by a fleet of ships, not a gunmetal case a Marine can carry in one hand. More terrifying is its presence on this world -- who knows what else might be located in the depths, amongst the Old One ruins, and their abominable creations?

Weak as the Chapter is, you cannot hope to hold this planet, or to prevent the device or the structures from falling into the hands of the old enemy, Chaos. The device and the planet must be destroyed, even at the cost of the Chapter itself. Then the Master of the Forge presents a sliver of hope -- that even in death, the Chapter's geneseed could be preserved, buried deep beneath the monastery, and hence survive this... Exterminatus device. You order work to begin immediately.

Modified servitors begin burrowing beneath the monastery, digging down amidst the Old One structures, to find a safe location for the chapter geneseed and the apothecaries necessary to implant it in a new generation. The Master of the Forge is confident these structures will survive the Exterminatus, where nothing else could.


The Bunkers are built and the ancient Techmarine prepares the machine rites that will trigger the device. What could be the final battle of your Chapter is looming near.

Chapter 6: The Rites of Passage[]

Now you must prepare for death. The Marines pray, apply Purity seals, practice in the firing ranges, and do whatever comes naturally for those preparing to die. No-one knows what will happen when you trigger the device, save that it's unlikely that anyone will survive -- and that everything else on the planet will try to stop you...

Stage 1[]

The Master of the Forge studies an ancient lock carefully, his cybernetic eyes roving over the device's ornate surface. Then his saw arm comes down and he carefully bisects the lock. Immediately, a keening noise begins, getting louder and louder. The Techmarine nods in your direction -- the device is ready for activation.

Stage 2[]

Your comms network registers surprised and hostile messages from the other factions on the planet, before their forces turn in your direction. Meanwhile, legions of mindless Necron units are crawling out of the planet's surface, all heading toward the Fortress. No Marine has faced such a force and lived -- this will be a worthy death for the Chapter!"

Stage 3[]

And now the true enemy is revealed, the source of the Librarians' misgivings -- a C'tan Shard, the Deceiver. It's directing a larger assault of corrupted Guard and Necrons to your geneseed bunkers, obviously in the hope of entering them and surviving the Exterminatus. You must defend both the bunkers and the Exterminatus device until they are ready -- fight well, Marines and your names will go down in Imperial history!


The end is near, one way or the other. You and your surviving veterans are fighting a desperate rearguard in the Fortress, driven back step by step by the C'tan's forces. As you retreat into the Forge, the foul C'tan shows itself, its golden face shifting horribly through forms and faces you know. The Master of the Forge hurls himself bodily at the abomination, buying time with his life. A heartbeat after he falls, you see the C'tan scowl in horror and disgust, and lunge towards you and the Exterminatus device. As the C'tan's killing blow descends upon you, the device's whine suddenly falls silent. In the moment of its detonation and your Chapter's destruction, you feel nothing but pride at carrying out the Emperor's Will.

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