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It saddens me greatly that we must take arms against the peoples of the galaxy. By their deaths, they deny themselves the liberation that is only to be found in total surrender to the Greater Good.

~ Aun'Va, Master of the Undying Spirit


The T’au are a young race, newly arrived on the galactic stage, with but a handful of worlds to their name and peaceful intentions—they merely wish to work for the Greater Good of all intelligent species. But not all races will listen to their words of peace, so the T’au and their allies will use their advanced military technology to make them listen—or sear the flesh from their bones if they stand in the way of progress.


The T'au Empire had never faced such an existential threat. On one side lay the relentless hunger of the Tyranids; on others, the Imperium's impassable flame-wall, the Sautekh Dynasty of Necrons, and the growing Great Rift, Mont'yhe'va, Devourer of Hope. How could they survive?

The solution was the Fourth Expansion, led by the great Commander Surestrike. He would lead his Fire Warriors to claim new worlds far from T'au. They might be a young empire, a small people—but they fight for the greater good of all species and they could not fail.

Yet, disaster struck with the T'au's new warp drives. Space twisted, tore, opened, span insanity and monstrosity into reality, swallowing the fleet. One ship was taken, moved by many hands, spat out alone. Above a mined Imperial hive world, far too far from T'au. Gladius Prime. Now these T'au must fight just to survive.


  • Personality: The Greater Good
  • Initial Challenge: Medium
  • Utopia: Each new type of building in a city increases loyalty, each duplicate building decreases loyalty.
  • Convert Auxiliary: Convert T’au auxiliaries to your side.
  • For The Greater Good: Use your diplomatic influence to crush enemy unit morale.
  • Subvert City: Undermine the power and authority of enemy cities to reduce their loyalty.
  • Tidewall Shieldline: Cities and outposts reflect incoming ranged damage.
  • Supporting Fire: Increased overwatch damage against enemy units next to other friendly units.
  • Markerlight: Mark enemy units for a more damaging attack.
  • Bonding Knife Ritual: Sacrifice individual gain to restore unit morale for the betterment of the Empire as a whole.
  • Drones: Miracles of T’au technology that provide offensive, defensive and tactical support.
  • Trade Goods: Purchase resources and even proselytise population.
  • Support Systems: Install support systems on battlesuits. Each battlesuit only has a limited number of support system slots.

Units & Heroes
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Vehicles TX4 PiranhaTY7 DevilfishTidewall GunrigTX7 Hammerhead GunshipTX78 Sky Ray Gunship
Monstrous Creatures XV95 Ghostkeel BattlesuitXV104 Riptide BattlesuitKV128 Stormsurge
Aircraft AX3 Razorshark Strike FighterAX39 Sun Shark Bomber
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